Dusting off the blog

Kick starting the old blog back into gear. It’s been too long since I’ve been writing and I want to get back to it. It’s interesting, since Twitter came along and with it the 140 character post, I feel like I’ve lost touch with a lot of friends and colleagues who used to blog pretty frequently. I really enjoyed their posts. But then we all got busy (and lazy) and the status update replaced the longer form narrative. As I’m as guilty as anyone, I figured I should practice what I preach and start blogging again. Maybe a few others will follow. In any event, stay tuned, more to come.


A new blog

I’ve decided to migrate my blog to WordPress. It’s been long enough that I’ve been mooching off friends (Buster all the way back in 2003 on his MovableType instance and most recently Bob on the mobileduo domain). Since all the cool kids seem to be on WordPress these days, that’s good enough for me.

On my last blog, I experimented a bit with displaying current books I’m reading, latest albums, Twitter posts, etc. But I found it too much trouble to keep updated. So, for my new blog I selected a clean WordPress template and put just the bare essentials in the sidebar: search, categories, top posts and links to me other places on the Web. The nice thing about a hosted solution is dealing with spam. I had to turn off comments on my old blog. I figure constant attention from WordPress should help deal with comment spam for the most part. Finally, with a hosted solution you get constant goodies released (like widgets) and don’t have to worry about updating your own instance to get them (or pestering Bob in my case)! So, I’m looking forward to the new location for this blog.

Another change in this rev of my blog, I will be no longer be creating posts around pointing readers to interesting links. I do that now through my Twitter feed. Microblogging is a much better vehicle for short bursts of interesting facts to followers. This blog will be focused more on narrative — hopefully original narrative. I’m going to try for a once a week post. Posts will center around technology, the film industry (for those that don’t know, I now work at IMDb), photography and any other topics that fit my fancy.

I have other ideas for blogs but I’m not going to launch those until I actually start blogging again. Stay tuned and hopefully find some of my thoughts interesting and perhaps share a few of your own.

On diversity

Tom Friedman’s latest post on diversity in the United States.

Let’s start with us. Walking through the Olympic Village the other day, here’s what struck me most: the Russian team all looks Russian; the African team all looks African; the Chinese team all looks Chinese; and the American team looks like all of them.

It is amazing that with our Noah’s Ark of an Olympic team doing so well “that at the same time you have this rising call in America to restrict immigration,” said Robert Hormats, vice chairman of Goldman Sachs International. “Some people want to choke off the very thing that makes us strong and unique.”


Everything you need is already inside

Latest Nike commercial for the games. No one captures the romance and passion of sports better than them. Makes me want to go workout!

Critical Mass gone amuck

Via Joe, I found about this ridiculous event of Seattle riders “protesting” their rite to ride on city streets. King 5 has some video here about an altercation with a local driver during the most recent protest ride. I’m totally embarrassed for all my fellow cyclists in the city. I’ve road Ride of Silence before which I think is a positive event–to honor riders that have been killed by bike/car accidents and bring attention for drivers to pay closer attention to cyclists on the road. But Critical Mass seems like overkill (too much protesting for little likely gain). Politically, I’d be surprised if the City of Seattle pays attention to this sort of a group.

I’ve been commuting for years and never felt like someone was denying my right to share the road. Yes some drivers get way to close to me and sometimes flip me off because I’ve slowed them down by 2 seconds. But for the most part, every year more and more people start riding and more bike lanes get built.

Major crash-o-la

No, I didn’t crash on my bike. I crashed on my run today of all things. Picture this…and action!

Scene 1
Cut to Andrej doing some trail running in Seward Park. He’s in the zone today, running at about 8:30mi pace (good for him). Mind is elsewhere, listing out vacation spots for the year. Having a grand time.

Scene 2
Cut to a still image of a 1 inch piece of rebar sticking up in the middle of the trail.

Scene 3
Cut back to Andrej coming down the trail. Quick cut to his right foot getting caught on the rebar in full stride.

Scene 4
Slow-mo! With Andrej’s foot firmly locked against a piece of rebar, left comes forward at full pace. But with no right following, entire body flails forward head first down the trail with arms out by now to protect core and head. With enough momentum still in force, Andrej slides down the trail on his stomach, arms out in-front of body at this point as if he were sliding head first into home plate for the game winning run.

Scene 5
Cut to mild mannered park walker up the trail who sees retardo runner’s events unfolding ahead of him. “Whoa, what the F**k. That guy tripped over thin air. Wonder if he’s OK?”

Scene 6
Cutting back to Andrej, face down on the trail. “Mother ‘explicative!’ What the ‘explicative’ did I hit!?! Another explicative’, ‘another’, and ‘yet another.’ Andrej get’s up to investigate. Finds the rebar and then proceeds to to blame Seattle Park & Rec for his predicament. Marks the rebar for other runners and takes off back down the trail.

Final scene
Cut back to mild mannered walker. “Guess he’s OK.”

Omer Fast: 2008 Whitney Biennial

Very cool video piece at the Whitney by artist Omer Fast.