Starbucks going a little Apple

Dezeen has published a few pretty interesting Starbuck store concepts recently. There’s a store in Japan and another in Amsterdam that are pretty stunning. They remind me of Apple Stores in a way where the store experience is as important as the products consumed in them. Right now, Starbuck stores are pretty bland for the most part. But the brand is super powerful and seen pretty positively by most people. Imagine if every (major) Starbucks had a beautiful, contemporary store design. Starbucks could commission local architects in every major city–every city gets a “flagship” store design. Since I’d imagine it being impossible to have a custom designed store in every nook that Starbucks inhabits across a city, maybe smaller stores in the same city can take on design elements from the flagship, tying together a theme throughout the city to keep design costs down. I think beautiful, inspired stores could definitely revitalize the brand. I tend to inhabit the indie coffee houses in Seattle. But a beautiful Starbucks store would definitely attract me.


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