Wuz up

So, what’s up with me? I basically haven’t been blogging for the past year. The major thing that changed for me was photography. That’s where all my free time goes these days. I started taking black and white photography classes at the Photographic Center Northwest in Fall of 2008. Why then haven’t I been posting photos left and right online? Well, I’m taking film based classes. Yup, old school. It’s been great. Since I work behind a computer all day, plugging a camera into a computer to engage in my hobby became a burden. Working analog has been liberating. For example, I dodge and burn with my hands versus virtual tools in Photoshop. I’ll loop back to digital at some point. But I’m enjoying the old school world too much to care about digital at the moment. It’s also fun doing something that pretty much no one else is doing. I get stopped in the street by people who want to talk about my Leica. Reminds me of the old days as a Mac user. Not unique to be a Mac or iPhone user anymore. I’ll get around scanning some photos at some point. Stay tuned.