New Apple laptops

As a few people have been asking me my opinion of the new Apple laptops, so I’m reposting an email note I sent out to a friend. Sums up my opinion in not too many words.

If I were buying a new laptop these days, I’d probably pick up one of the MacBook Airs. I think that’s Apple’s nicest machine. Beautiful display, light and portable. And then I’d likely connect it to an external display for home use. The new 24″ display is pretty cool.

The big problem with the new MacBook Pro is the screen. As soon as I saw the specs I knew their would be a firestorm over the lack of a matte option. Photographers and designers don’t generally like the glossy screens. I predict in the short run, the last rev of MacBook Pros will actually see a slight bump in their used value. And it will delay current Pro users from upgrading for awhile until the community figures out how to deal with it. Also somewhat worrying is the glass screen. If it cracks easier, that will be a disaster for sales. It almost seems to me that you now are required to get Applecare if you buy one of the new machines to protect yourself from a screen failure. Other than that, the track pad looks cool. I like the chicklet style keyboard better than the old one. And the asethics are great (though somewhat conservative in comparison to the Air).

As it’s a v1.0, I’d hold off on buying unless you’re really in need for a new machine.


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