Critical Mass gone amuck

Via Joe, I found about this ridiculous event of Seattle riders “protesting” their rite to ride on city streets. King 5 has some video here about an altercation with a local driver during the most recent protest ride. I’m totally embarrassed for all my fellow cyclists in the city. I’ve road Ride of Silence before which I think is a positive event–to honor riders that have been killed by bike/car accidents and bring attention for drivers to pay closer attention to cyclists on the road. But Critical Mass seems like overkill (too much protesting for little likely gain). Politically, I’d be surprised if the City of Seattle pays attention to this sort of a group.

I’ve been commuting for years and never felt like someone was denying my right to share the road. Yes some drivers get way to close to me and sometimes flip me off because I’ve slowed them down by 2 seconds. But for the most part, every year more and more people start riding and more bike lanes get built.


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