Major crash-o-la

No, I didn’t crash on my bike. I crashed on my run today of all things. Picture this…and action!

Scene 1
Cut to Andrej doing some trail running in Seward Park. He’s in the zone today, running at about 8:30mi pace (good for him). Mind is elsewhere, listing out vacation spots for the year. Having a grand time.

Scene 2
Cut to a still image of a 1 inch piece of rebar sticking up in the middle of the trail.

Scene 3
Cut back to Andrej coming down the trail. Quick cut to his right foot getting caught on the rebar in full stride.

Scene 4
Slow-mo! With Andrej’s foot firmly locked against a piece of rebar, left comes forward at full pace. But with no right following, entire body flails forward head first down the trail with arms out by now to protect core and head. With enough momentum still in force, Andrej slides down the trail on his stomach, arms out in-front of body at this point as if he were sliding head first into home plate for the game winning run.

Scene 5
Cut to mild mannered park walker up the trail who sees retardo runner’s events unfolding ahead of him. “Whoa, what the F**k. That guy tripped over thin air. Wonder if he’s OK?”

Scene 6
Cutting back to Andrej, face down on the trail. “Mother ‘explicative!’ What the ‘explicative’ did I hit!?! Another explicative’, ‘another’, and ‘yet another.’ Andrej get’s up to investigate. Finds the rebar and then proceeds to to blame Seattle Park & Rec for his predicament. Marks the rebar for other runners and takes off back down the trail.

Final scene
Cut back to mild mannered walker. “Guess he’s OK.”


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