The Big Picture

I’ve been an Alan Taylor fan as far back when I met him back at Amazon. He was one of the great web developers we had on the staff. About a month ago he launched The Big Picture, a photo blog covering various news events visually with photos versus news articles. It’s a great site.

Alan was just interviewed on If you’re interested in learning more about his photo project, it’s an interesting read. A few excerpts:

The blog really launched on June 1st (I had a few earlier posts, but hadn’t opened it up yet). In its first 20 days of existence, it’s almost reached 1.5 million pageviews and over 1,500 comments for just 20 entries. It’s also brought out a lot of emotion — commenters can really go crazy on some of these entries. It adds to the mix, that’s for sure.

… I had a lot of friends who looked at me like i was crazy when I joined the Boston Globe a few years ago. But it’s precisely this sort of opportunity I was hoping for. The access to great storytelling resources, a great platform, and the ability to contribute to that, albeit in a more technical role.


One Comment on “The Big Picture”

  1. brownell says:

    Holy cow! I didn’t know it was our very own Alan Taylor. I love that site.

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