Alone time

One of my favorite sections from the Getting Real mantra from 37signals is the idea of alone time. Working for any sized organization, your day is usually filled with interruptions. Getting Real put it best as follows:

When you have a long stretch when you aren’t bothered, you can get in the zone. The zone is when you are most productive. It’s when you don’t have to mindshift between various tasks.

Getting in the zone takes time. And that’s why interruption is your enemy. It’s like rem sleep — you don’t just go to rem sleep, you go to sleep first and you make your way to rem. Any interruptions force you to start over. rem is where the real sleep magic happens. The alone time zone is where the real development magic happens.

Rem sleep is a beautiful analogy for the benefits of alone time.


2 Comments on “Alone time”

  1. Nat Hillary says:

    A little something to interrupt your REM state – are you aware of the new movie slated for release this year – MacHEADS (

  2. Andrej Gregov says:

    I was not aware of that movie. The Mac propaganda grows! Thanks for the link. 🙂

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