LinkedIn To Open Platform In Response To Facebook

LinkedIn To Open Platform In Response To Facebook: “LinkedIn is moving to provide API’s that will open its platform to developers in response to Facebook’s rapid growth.”

(Via TechCrunch.)

While opening up LinkedIn may be a response to Facebook opening up their platform, ironically, it will probably help Facebook more than LinkedIn. Recently, I’ve had a flurry of Facebook invites, all from co-workers who are checking out what all the hub-bub is around Facebook. I’ve found I’ve effectively been replicating my LinkedIn network on Facebook. “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could add my entire LinkedIn network in a few clicks,” I thought while going through Facebook’s time consuming friend confirmation setup. An open API to LinkedIn may just allow that to be built (depending on how LinkedIn sets up their API).

Regardless of how much of its network LinkedIn makes accessible, it looks like to me that Facebook is on it’s way to becoming the central location for your online persona and people connections. It’s really a pain to replicate your network on each social networking site. Given the speed of Facebook’s growth and it’s easy of use, and now open platform, it’ll probably become everyone’s social networking hub within five years. Eventually, then all major social networking sites will have to plug into their platform to get access to people’s social networks. Facebook integration has done wonders for iLike who added millions of new users via a new module they recently released. While Mark Zuckerberg isn’t interested in selling the company, it would be a perfect acquisition for Google. It could magnify their power immensely.


One Comment on “LinkedIn To Open Platform In Response To Facebook”

  1. Don says:

    I did a Google search tonight (7/2) on NC Soft and Blizzard and found your site. I just found 6 bogus charges on my card from Blizzard and NC Soft (I don’t use WoW, or my CC to buy games online). I reported it to Chase. I also found several other users with the exact same pattern of charges from NC Soft and Blizzard. With this amount of fraud, how can these folks keep running charges? I’m not even sure how they got my CC – I’m pretty darn careful.

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