Pre-Paid iPhone Service to be Available?

Interesting rumor below on the iPhone–a pre-paid option. I HATE contracts plus they’re expensive ($50 bucks a month for data + 200 anytime minutes for me). Also, I don’t use my mobile much. Before the iPhone was announced, I was thinking that after my current (two year) contract expires in November that I’d buy a basic mobile phone and simply pay as I go. I’d then use a VOIP phone for home use. I really don’t like talking on cell phones at home. I’m suspicious about the radio waves it gives off and frankly the sound quality sucks.

But then the iPhone was annoucnced and I figured a two year contract would be the only option. So, I resigned myself to probably signing up for one (unless the iPhone was a dud). But a pre-paid option would be perfect for me. Couple that with a service like Grandcentral, and one phone number can get to me anywhere.

Pre-Paid iPhone Service to be Available?: “ has posted screenshots from AT&T’s accounting system revealing new account codes for three versions of iPhone sales:

– iPhone PostPaid
– iPhone PrePaid (Pay As You Go)
– iPhone Hybrid (Pick Your Plan)<…”

(Via MacRumors.)


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