Free hugs

A few weeks ago I was passing through Westlake downtown. There’s usually some hub-bub in terms of people loitering with political pamphlets, selling stuff or whatever. This particular day there were a few people holding signs that read “Free Hugs.” Well, that’s rather original I thought to myself. They really were dispensing free hugs.

Turns out the idea isn’t that original. Today, I was watching a 60 Minutes episode about YouTube (on YouTube) and it turns out Free Hugs was started by some chap in Austraila. Adding to this plot, this chap’s 15 minutes of fame was due to some other guy who ended up shooting some video of Free Hugs and used the footage as the backdrop for a music video he created for his band, Sick Puppies. So far, the video has over 10M views. The band went from completely unknown to world known in the span of four months. Now they have record companies courting them and Oprah among other media after them.

I’ve said it before. The Internet never ceases to amaze me.


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