Olympic Sculpture Park


Originally uploaded by Andrej Gregov.

I hit the new SAM sculpture park yesterday (my photos). The Richard Serra piece was best in the collection in my opinion.

The park cost $80M to build and was financed largely by private donations. Based on how crowded it was, I tried to imagine if city voters would have voted to pay for the park as a 100% public financed project. It’s such a beautiful addition to the city. If I were a betting man, I’d bet no. But in this case, we lucked out with some very passionate people pushing it through. I hope the city remembers this park the next time park initiatives hit the ballet.


One Comment on “Olympic Sculpture Park”

  1. B Mully says:

    Great shots! We have started a Flickr photo group for sharing images of the new Olympic Sculpture Park. We would love to see your favorite images!

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