Five things about me

Greg blog-tagged me. I never play these chain letter games. But since all the cool kids seem to be doing it, what the heck:

  1. Most who know me know I’m Croatian. However, most don’t know I was born in Dundee, Scotland. My parents moved there temporarily during a housing shortage in Zagreb in the 60’s for a bit of fun living abroad. What’s Dundee best know for? Orange marmalade!
  2. When I’m dressed in my tennis gear, some people have said I can resemble Pete Sampras. I don’t really think so. But one year at the US Open as I was loitering outside the players lounge and Pete took a second glance at me as he passed me after a night match. Hmm.
  3. I currently drive a 1972 BMW 2002. But that wasn’t my first car. My first car was a Ford Cortina, briefly imported to the US. It looked like this.
  4. As for computers, my first one was a TI-99/4A. The first time I used a Macintosh was as an undergrad at the UW. I still remember sitting in the computer lab, looking at an empty desktop thinking, “now what?” So, much for the legendary usability.
  5. I got my first taste of working in the software industry working for Spry in Seattle on one of the Internet in a Box skus. They were one of the first companies marketing a consumer Internet application. That’s where I learned how to be a Program Manager. It was a fun time.

In turn, I’m going to egg on some blogging friends who I haven’t heard from lately: Todd Gehman, Andy Harbick, Frank Kane, Jeff Few and Russell Dicker.


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