Launch versus launch

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I watched a clip of Monday’s Zune launch in downtown seattle. Article in the PI here. What caught me was how different Microsoft approached the launch to Apple. Check out these two short clips:

Interesting to see how each Chairman/CEO handled their talks in under two minutes. Gates focuses on the main marketing message for Zune (sharing songs between players/community). Jobs focuses on beauty.

Personally, I think the noteable feature for the Zune is a subscription model (the Zune Pass). All you can eat for $15 bucks a month is something real against Apple. Although, that could likely easily be matched by Apple if needed.

Ironically, I wouldn’t be surprised it the main buyers for the Zune end up being the 40 and over crowd. There a lot of old time Windows users out there that frankly could care less about Apple products. I’d think Microsoft is a more trusted brand among older demographics than Apple. Also, a subscription model might be most attractive to a more mature crowd given they have more discretionary income to spend then teens and yong adults. Social networking may be all the rage with the “kids.” But I think Generation Y is more centered around IM than connectivity between devices.

I’d be surprised if Microsoft gets a lot of traction among young buyers from the “welcome to the social” angle.


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