Wee! … No, Wii

<a href=”http://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-Wii/dp/B0009VXBAQ&#8221;
So, I’m not a gamer but I have to admit I’m pretty excited about Nintendo Wii. I saw a five minute trailer at our last company meeting and I think everyone walked out of the meeting ready to buy one. Looks like the ultimate accessory for a big screen TV or the ultimate party game. The full trailer was just posted on Google Video. Check it out. It starts out corny but watch it all the way through and you’ll get an idea of why the game machine is so unique. Try reducing the video to “original size” so you can get a clearer view of the games.

I think Nintendo has a smash hit on their hands. Amazon will notify you when they’ll be available for order if you’re interested. If Sony Playstation II launch offers any precedence, there will be about 30 seconds before Amazon is sold out for Christmas. Ready, set, gone!


One Comment on “Wee! … No, Wii”

  1. I’m with you Andrej. I’m an avid video game player, but I haven’t been a Nintendo fan since the original NES. After years of not owning a Nintendo system I have to say that I’m more excited about the Wii than I think I ever have been about a console.

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