125,000 iTunes Movies Sold In 1 Week

Disney: 125,000 iTunes Movies Sold In 1 Week: “Disney CEO Rob Iger today announced that Disney has sold over 125,000 movies through the iTunes Movie store in the past week alone, totaling $1 million in revenue. In addition, Iger said the company expects over $50 million in revenue over the first…”

(Via MacRumors.)

Pretty impressive. I wonder how much of that $50M dollars of revenue will be incremental (meaning sales that would not have happened without being available digitally)? Probably not much. But still a surprisingly large amount that’s sure to grow quickly.


One Comment on “125,000 iTunes Movies Sold In 1 Week”

  1. Nat Hillary says:

    It’s early days, do there’s probably not much incremental revenue, but as a disti channel, it’s benefits cannot be denied. $8 per movie from iTunes, or $10 (or more) at a Theatre; I’m guessing that Disney gets more $ per viewing from the former. Can you imagine what the impact on the industry would be if Apple produced an HD compatible iPod?

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