Podcasting legally

So, I’ve been thinking about starting a monthly podcast covering soundtrack music. Most of the contemporary classical music being made these days is being composed for films. I thought it would be fun to feature an album monthly with a selection of several tracks some commentary from myself to help get the word out on what the genre has to offer.

I’ve started with researching copyright requirements for podcasting recorded music. What I found is so disgustingly complex, I can’t say I want to even summarize it here. To get a taste, just read the thread here. The record industry and Congress have so over complicated this process, that small broadcasters will just not bother. This only hurts the very artists they’re trying to protect.

That got me thinking what I would like. I’d like a website that allows me to enter the track I want to podcast, enter an estimated/actual number of downloads or webcast sessions and get a amount for how much I owe to all licensees. Then I hit a “pay” button and the site would pay all licensees automatically. Ideally, there would be rates for those profiting from their broadcasts and those receiving no fees.

Next up, as soon as I finish my house remodel, I think I’ll take a read over Lawrence Lessig’s, The Future of Ideas covering copyright law.


3 Comments on “Podcasting legally”

  1. ben says:

    you better do this podcast, riaa rights be damned. I’m not going to click that link but, you know, what about small clips for fair use?
    aw, fuck it, just do it. I want to know what soundtrack music you recommend!
    actually it’s probably easier for you to just tell me.

  2. Jason Crawford says:

    Hmm, didn’t know you were a fan of movie scores. I am too, so if you do decide to do anything with this, let me know.

  3. Andrej Gregov says:

    I’ll definitely let you know Jason. One of the problems I had with the podcast was doing it more than monthly was going to be too tough. Maybe a joint podcast by the both of us could offer more content?

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