Skagit spring classic

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originally uploaded by
Andrej Gregov.

Rode the 45 mile Skagit Spring Classic today. The weather was awesome and the scenary in the Skagit Valley was beautiful. I ran into Laurel at the first rest stop. Was fun catching up. She said she just started riding recently. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that a few years from now she’ll blow past me during one of my rides on some fancy road bike triathalong training.


One Comment on “Skagit spring classic”

  1. Lorraine Lokosh Smith says:

    Hi Andrej,
    sorry to barge in on your blog, but am using the tools available— trying to organize our 20 year high school reunion! If you are interested, can you send me your contact info? Hope to hear from you! Best wishes,
    Lorraine (Lokosh) Smith
    NHS Class of 1986 Reunion Committee

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