<a href=”;x.jpgA while back I listened to an NPR story about a guy who figured out how to get by most company automated phone systems. Little do most people know but there is always a default path to get confused people to a human phone rep. But the default “I’m in trouble” path is different for every system.

So, what he did was build a web that lists companies and what key combinations you can use to punt you out of the automated system and get to a human directly. It’s fantastic. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of looking up the specific company before you call them, I’ve learned to just keep pressing zero and that should shoot you out of the prompts and over to a human. I can now generally get through most automated tele-prompt systems in under a minute.


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  1. olke says:

    that is a sweeeeeeet site. Damn. bookmark that time saver.
    I remember a couple years ago hearing an interview on NPR with the lady who does the voice on all the voicemail systems. Don’t remember who it was, but it was quite a flashback

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