No Olympics for Mac users

My email to NBC:

Why no Mac support?
What would posses you guys not to offer Mac support? I think I know. Would it be lack of DRM that works for Windows Media Player? Microsoft doesn’t support DRM for the Mac platform so therefore your Mac customers are out of luck for watching streaming video for the games. That’s pretty lame.

Why don’t you offer your video in Quicktime format for the Mac platform? Quicktime supports DRM. Better yet, I would have paid $2 bucks a day to download a 10 minute video summary of the games from Apple’s iTunes Music site. You could of underwrote the extra costs for Quicktime support easily this way. Also, digital downloads available from Apple work just as well for Windows users given every Windows user who has an iPod has Quicktime installed automatically.

I’m continually amazed at how you big media conglomerates seem to go out of your way to make it truly difficult to consume your content. Most of us (with a job) are happy to pay for content. It’s usually faster and more convenient than other means. You should not be surprised that the less flexibility your offer people to legally download content the more use you’ll see of file sharing and BitTorent.


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