Google, girls and engineering

More companies need to do this. The majority of women I encounter in high tech tend to inhabit finance, marketing and HR. Nothing wrong with that. But women in the software engineering ranks is quite underrepresented. Diversity equals better product.

(Via Google Blog.)

Google, girls and engineering: ”

Did you know that it’s National Engineers Week in the U.S. — and that February 23 is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day? The week-long celebration aims to raise public awareness of the many contributions engineers have made to our quality of life, and intrigue young students with the many wonders and possibilities in an engineer’s work.

Throughout this week, several Google offices, including New York, Kirkland and Mountain View, have been hosting a couple of hundred girls from local middle schools and high schools to come visit us for the day. The girls have the unique opportunity to shadow a Google engineer or two, go to interactive workshops, eat in our yummy cafes (the pizzas are a hit!) and get an insider’s tour of the Google offices.

We hope these girls get a real-life sense of what it’s like to work here, and more important, that we’ve piqued their interests and ultimately help steer them toward future careers in math, science and engineering. Let’s hear it for the girls!


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