Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster

Just listened to a great interview with Wil Shipley on Cocoa Radio. He’s the founder of Delicious Monster maker of Delicious Library. In addition to building a great app, the company is also famous for working out of the Zoka coffee shop in Seattle. Yes, no official office space. I work in a big open space at work and love it. I actually stay home only when I want to get away from meetings. But the hubbub doesn’t really bother me.

With all the people coming and going from the coffee shop, he said he met 100+ people over the last year that he never would have met working in a small office somewhere. That’s cool. It was also fun to listen to someone working on the apps side of the fence. I started my career in the industry working on shrink-wrap software. The Web world still hasn’t caught up with what you can do with real apps. Wil had some interesting remarks on Java, Rails and the next big whatever from Microsoft and why he likes working in Cocoa.

The whole talk was pretty inspiring for the small software developer or entrepreneur.


One Comment on “Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster”

  1. dunsany says:

    Funny, I’ve spent quite a few hours in Zoka. I wrote part of the first draft of my novel there a few years ago. Never saw anyone devving software.
    PS: Also used to hang at Honey Bear. One of the first places I talked tech when I moved here. I miss it so.

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