Adobe Lightroom

Checkmate for Aperture. Adobe just launched a public beta of their future pro digital photo app, Lightroom. Nice judo move. Just as Aperture is getting off the ground (and having some wishy washy reviews), Adobe offers their app as beta to stop all Photoshop users from going the Aperture route. Nice move.

Overview video here (need Flash 8.0).


One Comment on “Adobe Lightroom”

  1. ben says:

    any price info on this? it looks pretty nice. though aperture looked pretty nice too and got panned. public beta from adobe is a pretty rare step, right?
    i like in the flash movie the sheer derision on the part of the narrator: “our so-called competition.” man. i bet he goes to sleep at night grinding his teeth and/or gnawing on a steve jobs doll.

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