Find out Netflix savings

I have an update from my recent Netflix rant. Found this post on how to calculate how much you save using Netflix versus your local video store. You copy and paste your Netflix billing activity into a spreadsheet which calculates your net savings. It also gives you some extra info like total discs out per month. Since I recently upgraded my membership (which will shortly be reduced), I thought I’d compare numbers for three discs out versus four per month.

Three discs out: 14.5 discs per month, cost per dvd $1.24. Four discs out: 18.5 discs per month, cost per dvd $1.30.

So, it looks like I consume roughly three discs per week on the three DVDs plan and four per week on the four DVDs plan. My viewing and DVD return behavior (return right away) were pretty much the same so it might be a safe assumption to expect to get no more than the number of discs in your plan per week.

From a marketing perspective, “3 at-a-time unlimited” sounds great but it’s vague enough that it will definitely piss off heavy users (given the throttling and turn around delays). In Netflix’s fine print or help area, they should add some extra info on how many discs you can expect on average (like “up-to 3 per week” giving shipping turn around and inventory factors). This messaging sets expectations but doesn’t expose too many details about all the variables that go into getting discs out to customers.


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