Credit card fraud

An old Visa card I use as a backup just got hacked. I had two inconspicuous charges from Digital Age ($24.99) and Softprojects LLC ($9.95). I probably never would have caught them if it wasn’t for the charges showing up on my backup Visa where I never get monthly statements because of lack of use. This article on About has more information on the scam:

According to Congressional testimony provided by John Perry, President and CEO of Card Systems Solutions, the theft was carried out through the use of a malicious script planted on their system through an Internet-facing application. The malware was programmed to run every 4 days, at which time it sought out a specific file type and extracted credit card holder’s names, account numbers, expiration dates and CVV codes. The extracted information was zipped and forwarded to an FTP site where it was presumably retrieved by the attackers.

I find this difficult to believe. I highly doubt this sort of app was running on my Mac at home. At the office, I’d be surprised that it got through our firewall and that’s the only place I use a PC. Finally, I never use this credit card. That means this software would have had to have been installed on my work machine years ago–highly improbable. I think I was more likely one of the 40M credit card numbers that got stolen recently from CardSystems.

If you use Quicken or Money to track all your transactions, you might look for the following charges or keep an eye out for them to make sure you haven’t been hacked yourself.

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7 Comments on “Credit card fraud”

  1. Sam says:

    I was scammed also and “Softprojects LLC” had the balls to respond to my credit card company and stated that I had electronically approved the charge. I’ve had the charge put in dispute once again. The “so-called” letterhead that the response was printed on had no contact telephone number. It did refer to a website… that has a telephone number with a Texas area code, not South Carolina.

  2. Kirk says:

    I was scammed to by Art Magic. I reproted this incendent to the FBI. They are persuing and promis and arrest. Also MBNA Quantum treated me like crap. They made me write letters and wait a 60 day period before crediting my account.

  3. Paul says:

    I was scammed also and “Softprojects LLC” had responded to my credit card company and stated that I had electronically approved the charge. I’ve had the charge put in dispute once again. The “so-called” letterhead that the response was printed on had no contact telephone number. The text of the response included a fax number in Utah and a voice number in Texas. I haven’t even bothered with their web site:

  4. David Armbruster says:

    I was scammed by:
    one second, LLC
    $34.95 per month for 4 months

  5. RadioManager says:

    One Second, L.L.C. was a legit company offering access through proxies to the Internet under The Proxy Connection located in The United States and overseas. Our news department had an account with this company for undercover investigative reporting. For the last two months, we have been unable to access our SOCKS proxies and the company’s telephone number has been disconnected, yet it continues to bill our credit card.
    The company, until now, had been honest in dealing with us and had not spammed our credit card.

  6. Our station, a Pacifica Radio and Accent Radio Network affiliate, also had an account with the people at Lockdown, Inc. (d/b/a “The Proxy Connection”) for similar purposes as the previous posting. The Proxy Connection billed our company credit card for $45.00 regularly as “One Second, L.L.C.”, but DID provide good service until November or December. Beginning in November, we have been unable to access our proxy accounts and “One Second, L.L.C.” continued to manually process our card.
    Our bank refunded several of the charges and, after a sixty day period, “One Second, L.L.C.” did not challenge the chargebacks so the credits stay on our account (in accordance with VISA regulations). This month, however, as every month, ONE SECOND, L.L.C. had yet another charge on our card — which we promptly cancelled and will receive a NEW card with a different number.
    Our bank is also having us complete a fraud report which will be forwarded to the local police department.
    My guess is that One Second, L.L.C. — which was also a family owned computer store in Dover, NH went out of business and that someone is continuing to process their accounts for fradulant purposes — such as a former employee…but who knows?

  7. SheeEttin says:

    One Second Computer doesn’t seem to be shady at all, I talked with an employee an a computer I’m haveing trouble with (which I built), and he was very friendly and they seemed to be doing a bit of business.
    Oh, and to the blog owner: you’re thinking of “cracking”, as in braking into a computer system without proper access or authorization. “Hacking” is doing something you need a knowledge of computers for (e.g. rewriting the master boot record), or making a quick fix/workaround for a problem (a.k.a. “kludging”.) Personally, I consider myself a hacker; yet I do not do anything illegal.
    (PS: who reads for news?!)

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