On failing

This is the best post I’ve seen in the Benson RSS stream in 2005:

Admit failure with style. Be stylish and fail. I don’t mean this in a “give up” sense… even though it definitely might be mistaken for that. Enjoy failing. It’s a great feeling, really, if you see it right. Because we’re all going to die anyway. Failing is like succeeding with none of the added responsibility of maintaining it, repeating it, or even acknowleding it.

Success is a false reward, since you can feel good about success even when you’re successful at something that you didn’t mean to do, and you didn’t know why you wanted to do it, and it wasn’t worth doing.

…by failing beautifully, I think we can continue to strive for what we really want to do, to try harder for the things that we are trying for, and not get caught up in the “will it succeed” question. Who cares. Just enjoy it, fail, and enjoy it again. Once you succeed at something you’ll stop enjoying it as much… and you’ll have to find something else to fail beautifully at.


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