Windows vs. OS X

Just when I was feeling good about Microsoft with some innovation finally coming out of that place with Office 12, this clown get’s me all riled up. Apparently, because Microsoft developers at a Microsoft developers conference are (according to him) excited about Windows Vista, Apple better start shaking. Because of things like Instant On, Glass (M$ version of Aqua) and security, Apple better launch something to compete. Quick!

For Vista, he says things like:

The MS platform has changed dramatically…

For OS X:

Apple, on the other hand, hasn’t advanced nearly as much…

Some details would be helpful. Vista again:

Glass is the user interface enhancement that appears to improve on what Apple currently has with Tiger.

To contrast OS X, not a peep.


IE improvements are broad and easily eclipse those by Firefox…

Firefox compare, IE has security and tabs. Hmm, Firefox better launch that. Oh? 😉

But all that’s just the icing on the cake. The real meat is that Vista offers:

…a much higher level of integration between the [client/server] concepts into something that is much less client/server and much more like an integrated platform that more effectively, and often dynamically, blends the concepts from both platforms. This is something that neither Apple nor Linux proponents can yet fully address…

What the heck does this mean? More ridiculousness:

Apple will have to improve its game sharply to compete. However, given the strength at the back end, strength that Apple has never had…

Has this guy heard of UNIX? I don’t see Google nor Amazon running their web apps on Windows boxes.

Linux and Microsoft make for a more interesting match up: developer against developer from a resource and tool standpoint. Microsoft appears to have the edge, but from a support standpoint the groups are more evenly matched.

Ah yes, I think shall remember next time to call 1-800 LINUX for my support questions.

While Vista is unlikely to displace massive amounts of in-place Linux platforms it should reduce Linux growth measurably…

Yeah, that’s right. Google will replace 100K Linux boxes with Windows Vista server. Who is this guy?

Rob Enderle, a TechNewsWorld columnist, is the Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group, a consultancy that focuses on personal technology products and trends.

That explains it.

Despite my heavy Mac leanings, I pretty much stay out of the Mac vs. Windows debate. It’s simply endless. However, I do like to read well balanced reporting and thoughtful arguments pro/con. This column offers neither hence my one sided lashing to stick up for the little guy. A quick search on Google found some similar opinions about Mr. Enderle.

Well, since I’m talking about Mac/Windows, I’ll leave this rant with a personal anecdote. I’ve been a Mac guy since I first started using them 1989. Over the 90’s, I’d high five it from time to time with fellow Mac users. But, pretty much the whole world was buying Windows (mostly because Microsoft developed for an open hardware platform). Over the past several years, I have seen more software engineers purchasing Macs than I’ve seen combined in 10 years of working in high tech. Developers like to control their systems. They could never do that with the old Mac platform. So, most poo poo’ed it. But with UNIX under the hood and a vast open source movement powering endless extensibility, Microsoft today is the one working on a closed platform. While Microsoft will continue to a force in the industry, it won’t dominate it the same way it did in the late ’90s.


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  1. jim says:

    Rob Enderle […] Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group
    He’s clearly a hired PR flack.
    I don’t know any of our customers who are eagerly awaiting Windows Vista. In fact, several bigger companies are gravitating towards Redhat or SuSe because they’re not seeing a good return on investment in Windows (maintenance, security, power). The Mac community is very vocal, though, and I get requests twice a week for a Mac Aqua (versus Motif) user interface. There are even a few folks wanting Yellow Dog 😉