Spotlight tips

Keyboard short cutters unite. Apple posted a helpful Spotlight Tips page outlining some power user features. Already, I’m using Spotlight to navigate my system. A quick Command + Space, enter an app name and away I go. I’m wondering if I should give Quicksilver a try again.


2 Comments on “Spotlight tips”

  1. I’ve played with Spotlight a bit and find Quicksilver to be quicker at launching apps, since that’s what it’s main focus is and it doesn’t index everything in the world. Spotlight, however, is great for searching. Too bad I don’t have many things to search for on my home powerbook. Have you found any thing that will allow Spotlight to index Gmail accounts? I suppose I could use Mail to load my Gmail stuff in through POP, but I’d rather keep it browser-based.

  2. Mark says:

    All I really want is for the f’ing Tab key to take me from text box 1 to text box 2 in Firefox!