Saturday, what a day

This last Saturday I spent the morning lounging around reading. Then a little email and RSS catch up followed by a trip to Madison Park to buy some flowers for Mother’s Day (BTW, the Red Apple there is one of the best places in town to buy flowers without breaking the bank). Then I took a coffee break at $tarbucks and read some more. Went back home and went for a run. No TV. No ADD lifestyle. It was wonderful. That’s when I decided I have to try this more–it shouldn’t be out of the ordinary. How to do it? Do what matters. Cut the distractions. I’ve been thinking more and more about the ETech talk about Life Hacks I listened to back in March.

Things that have caught on at 43Folders. Getting things done–a framework for making progress on the projects that are important to you. Get things you want done into atomic activities that you can more easily track. This is one of the things people come to 43Folders for. “I have these challenges in my life and this is how I choose to form the solutions.”

Challenges and how to form solutions (that actually get done). You’d think I’d simply apply my program management mindset and away I go. It’s easier to make other people do stuff than myself. 😉 But working on it.