ETech – ReMixMe

Lawrence Lessig, creator of Creative Commons
Powerful entities are out there to stop what has always been, remixing. Stop with the obsession that there’s something new. There’s nothing new because cultures have always been made by remixing–taking what people have made in the past and remixing it (eg. Clinton remixed republican ideas and became pres, Apple did it with the iPod).

Humans remix, take and then share. The organic ways that people experience culture needs to be free. Examples: text (freedom to write), literacy (take the words of Hemmingway, Shakespeare, and you rewrite them for your school papers). Tarnation – produced his movie for $218 and inspired Canne but would cost him $400K to clear the writes for the music in the background. That’s wrong.

When the tools change, do the freedoms change as well? If writing was available for us, will it be available in the future? A use equals a copy. A copy requires permission. What our society focuses on is punishing those who write with the tools of the 20th century. We either reform the laws or reform the technology. We can reform the technology. Stop reforming the machines and reform the law.

We’re in a civil war. In the American Civil War, the South believed in property. In the North they believed in freedom. The same thing is happening with copywrite law today–us versus them (companies).

Very cool presentation. His powerpoints where synced as he spoke. Each slide maybe only had one or two words against a black back drop. Very effective way to deliver a powerful message.

Tidbits: They’re porting the Creative Commons license internationally; what we have now (versus back during Napaster era) is we have two sides to this issue (north/south analogy) making a conversation possible; as it gets moved out internationally, the copywrite discussion will grow the discussion; free remix or control over copies is what copywrite law should be about.