ETech – Remixing the Network Platform

Nikolaj Nyholm, what aspects have opened up wifi to hackers
Wifi started by freeing you up in your space, then public spaces (like coffee shops), then moved it to work, now moving into the sky (in planes) allowing things like IM, Skype. Told a story of babysitting his kid remotely from 40K feet using IM, Skype and remote dektop.

Open spectrum – the 2.4 and 5mHz spectrums are open. Wifi standards–no one needs to ask whether they can build wifi into a chip. Mass commoditization has empowered cheap access points.

Open WRT. Take a Linksys, upload the WRT firmware, use this firmware and software to manage small office settings. Community is one way to handle security. See everyone who is on the network. This was a tough preso to take notes on. The presenter seemed very sharp but was very hard to follow in any coherent manner. The big take away (I think) is Open WRT.