ETech – Odeo and podcasting

Evan Williams, Co-Founder, Blogger
His talk is about podcasting and his new startup, Odeo. Podcasting is evolving very quickly. One of the keys will be how to find good stuff. Odeo aggregates audio data. Still affliated with Google although whether it’s a Google funded startup was vague.

Basic UI (not yet public but he showed at the conference) is “Learn,” “Sync,” and “Create” buttons. Users will have the ability to tag podcasts. There are podcast detail pages where you can subscribe to individual podcasts. They used a stripped down iPodder to sync podcasts to your iPod. To help with discovery, you can see what other people have subscribed to (community aspect).

Showed the creation pipeline (to generate your own podcasts. They wanted tools for creating podcasts to be as easy as tools are today for creating blogs. You can create content for distribution on Odeo. Odeo Studio is an in-browser recording/publishing system (built using Flash). You can record easily from you browser (demo was cool). They have some utilities included as well (like the ability to integrate introduction music for your podcast). You hit a publish button when you’re done and your podcast is automatically posted to the site. Eventually, they want to make it possible for content providers to be able to charge for their content.

Looks like a fun project.