ETech – Small pieces loosely joined

Tom Igoe, runs physical computing program at NYU.
He teaches a networked (physical) objects class. Goal is for students is to see the computer as a passthrough rather than the end point. Here’s some examples his students built:

White Stone project. Two people have objects. You warm your object, a similar object in someone else pocket warms up.

Another project, Wifisense a purse that senses wifi networks.

Protest Button. It’s a physical box with a button on it that allows protesters to at once send a denial of service attack to whoever they are protesting in front of.

Needies are stuffed animials that have MP3s built into them. They are plush toys that act like real people: jealous, needy, bitter, attention-seeking, and annoying. When one is feeling needy, others talk smack about it.

KU: a hardware app that communicates sadness.