ETech – Remixing Wikis with Rendezvous, web services

Tom Hoffman , Tim Lauer talking about using wiki’s in schools
Lauer started out that his school didn’t have any server resources. They needed a way to store data on a server. Found Instiki, written in Ruby, can run on a machine. In there system, server data lives on teacher’s iBooks. With Rendezvous, a browser points to a teacher’s laptop running wiki software. Teacher can write notes to their students via the wiki. Students can upload their content and edit it on their teacher’s computer. Noted that the solution was not supported by the school IT departement. Love it.

Principal took the idea from Hoffman’s blog. Project SchoolTool is an open source project to create an administrative platform for schools. The ultimate goal is to create a tool that can be used in the developed world. Built on Zope 3. Architecture is extensible, customizable and hackable. SchoolBell 1.0 is their first big release. It’s a calendar system build for organizations. Very inspiring presentation on someone trying to make the world better.