ETech – Computing on the edge

Jon Bostrom, Nokia. Head of Java work at Nokia
Mobile Edge devices. The edges are interesting places. The center of the network isn’t interesting. But at the edge you get emergent behavior. Ease of use is bringing the edge to average users. New management technology makes it easy to makes mobile phones work.

Current Nokia platforms: series 40 mass market java apps and content; series 60 rich content for Symban os; series 80 for enterprise devices. Java is being adopted a lot by the developer community for mobiles. Currently theres 350 million Java mobile devices on the market as of June 2004.

What’s coming? Extend the Java platform. Take advantage of any wireless environment (automatic)–bluetooth, wifi, etc. Disconnected data sync–sync with whatever network you interact with. Make things happen via SMS (apps can receive and act on SMS events). Middleware services–automatically upload middleware to devices. Applications can send back admin information back to a server so admin can be transparent to users.

“The edge” keeps getting brought up. Not sure what that means exactly. Pretty marketing type presentation.