ETech – iFabricate

Presenters where from Squid labs, a hardware company. Talk was about how to create open source hardware. Take an open source car. Imagine if we had hobbyists who love working on their own cars and got them documenting the process like with say Linux? Hacking hardware is already in our blood.

People are already documenting how to build things on their own websites. Jetzilla as a fun example on how one guy figured out to make a jet engine from a Starbucks mug–part of amateur jet propulsion work. Another example, some hobbyists innovating around kite surfing. In that example they said they have people like Boeing engineers with fluid dynamics experience creating designs and collaborating.

iFabricate is their idea (a website) for creating open source hardware systems. It’s a collaboration system, takes care of open source license registration, images, video, link to processes (think embedding text inline on your photos like on Flickr), a rating system to rank sub processes so you know which ones are optimal to implement, a way to see what you need to purchase to create the project. Their example project was how to build a toy open source helicopter. Real projects here. The transition electric scooter was shown. Very unique idea.