What’s coming on the new blog

The first few things I got set up on the new blog was getting the Flickr blog post CSS cleaned up so it works correctly. The default code they provided worked 90% OK but needed some tweaking. I’m excited to start posting photos and sharing thoughts on photography (a hobby I really want to start engaging more in 2005). More on that in a later post. Next I made sure to make comments appear line in posts. I hate it when I visit a blog and miss some cool conversation around a post because I missed the tiny “Comments (3)” type text at the end of an article. So, be wise when you leave comments on my blog. 🙂

What’s next? I want the blog to give a good picture about whatever my interests are at the moment. Here’s some ideas of things I could imagine in my sidebar: flickr badge, latest del.ic.ious booksmarks, latest items added to my Amazon wishlist, latest news stories I’m reading via Findory, goals I’m working on via 43Things, latest music I’m listening to, latest books I’m reading, latest movies I’ve seen, maybe even top programs in my TiVo queue and of course a blog roll. The key is doing no work to update the content on my blog meaning the content needs to be self updating from other sources via web services or whatever. I’ll post a note whenever I add something new.

Amazon introduced the notion of the Your About You page back in 1999. I guess this is effectively my about me page. Fun stuff.


One Comment on “What’s coming on the new blog”

  1. Erik Benson says:

    Hey, I didn’t know you moved! Nice job. Maybe now people will be able to read your posts without there being a 50% chance of the server being down. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing how you integrate all of this stuff.