Chilly Hilly

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Biker Invasion

Biker Invasion,
originally uploaded by
Andrej Gregov.

On Sunday I road my first Chilly Hilly. It’s a biking event where you ride around Bainbridge Island (about 32 miles). I road past the Opalka residence. Wish I knew that so I could have met up with him. Didn’t want to stop unannounced. Anyway, this was my first chance for a real ride on my new road bike. My lord I didn’t realize how important getting a bike fitting was to making for a real enjoyable ride. The guys at R&E are absolute pros. They spent over an hour fine tuning the bike to me. Never again shall I ride out of a bike shop without a real bike fitting.

Next biking events for me are the MS Mountain Bike Challenge in June and the Tour de Whidbey in September (a 100 miler).