I must admit that I haven’t shown much interest in podcasting since it’s introduction about six months ago. “Listening to amateur broadcasts…woo-who.” Just got my latest tidbits where they spend some time laying out the history of podcasting. Did you know that the name podcasting has nothing to do with the iPod? But the history in-itself wasn’t too interesting. What was intriguing was being able to setup your personal NPR. Some stuff on NPR I can’t get enough. Lots of other stuff, well…. I suppose you could say it’d be similar to TiVo for free radio. But how to find the good content? Clicking here I found a fun piece giving a review of the newly released My Architect DVD. I found it just as compelling (if not more) than reading reviews at Amazon.com. Might be kind of cool to download a podcast directly to your phone. Might be more compelling than reading lots of text on a small screen from a news perspective. I’m going to keep an eye on this podcasting thing.


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