Raising the bar on web UIs

Just had a chance to mess around a bit with Google Suggest. Very nifty. Coinsidently, yesterday I was just poking around Apple’s website to learn a bit more about Spotlight. There’s a quick demo here but to get a better look, I checked out Jobs’s preso at the Apple Developers Conference back in June. Being an active iTunes user, seeing the “results-as-you-type” moved out to system wide search seems like a no brainer. I thought, “wouldn’t it be nifty in the web world?” Damn, this Internet time is tough to keep up with sometimes. 😉

Joel on Software offered a nice takeaway on the recent developments:

The latency of web UIs, in which everything you do is a slow round-trip that requires completely refetching and rebuilding the web page, is one of the reason web UIs feel so clunky compared to native GUIs. Google is very publicly raising the bar on the quality of interfaces that people will expect from web pages.


2 Comments on “Raising the bar on web UIs”

  1. Greg Linden says:

    Hey, Andrej. It is a cool Javascript trick. I didn’t even realize this kind of UI was possible using Javascript. Very clever.
    Details on how it was done are at
    And I have a post with my ramblings about Google Suggest at

  2. Andrej Gregov says:

    Thanks for the links. Interesting to read through the reengineering of the javascript. It’s interesting to watch how Google has been pushing the envelope on making web apps behave more and more like OS based apps. As connection speeds become faster and faster, the extra bloat from the javascript is going away. But seems as though you need some serious engineering on the backend (caching) to handle the exteremly fast query response time needed.