Bill Joy on the future

Bill Joy had the following to say on an episode of Charlie Rose on upcoming technology transformations for the future:

The web as we know it is largely impersonal. Today we go out into a sea of information and effectively go fishing. Google is the virtual fishing rod. Our lives are overwhelmed by all the information coming at us in a very disorganized way. We’re going to hunger for something that will make sense of all the chaos–that will look at all the things happening in the world and filter and order them in a way that’s personalized to us. That will be the next great revolution–that is something that doesn’t take an index of the dead information on the Net, but the live information of things as they are occurring and as they are relevant to us. So, it’s real time information, not just dead things. And it’s personal to us, not to everybody. So that’s a few aspects to making this different than what a search engine does. Future devises will presen, sanitize and organizes information and makes it sensible to our lives.

Interesting point about dead versus live information.