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Was watching the evening news the other day and Mr. Brokaw mentioned (paraphrasing) “to read more from our correspondent Kevin Sites in Iraq, you can link to his blog from the NBC News web site.” A mainstream reporter with a blog? “Hmm, that’s interesting” I thought. So, I ran over to my laptop and got to Kevin Site’s Blog.

Up until now, I’ve mostly seen amateurs blogging. It was noticeably different getting a professional journalist’s perspective. Now I don’t know exactly how content ownership works with the various networks but the notion of seeing real journalists blogging was kind of exciting. There’s only so much they get to report on in the mainstream press given space constraints of the medium (TV and print). Seems like a great way for individuals to follow journalists they admire and for journalists to get unencumbered access to their readers.

If anyone knows of any other mainstream journalists out there doing something similar, let me know. I’d be interested in following them for a while. Wonder of Thomas Friedman has a blog? Nope.


One Comment on “Kevin Site’s Blog”

  1. Joe says:

    “A mainstream reporter with a blog?”
    I’d rather think of Kevin Sites as a blogger who also does reporting 🙂
    He broke the story of the marine killing an unarmed insurgent.