AC – Social software panel

Lada Adamic, HP Labs. Implicit Structure and the Dynamics of Blogspace. Talked about the Slashdot Effect (a page get’s huge traffic all at once and then immediately falls off). Took 50,000 blogs over several months looking at epidemic profiles. iRank algorithm (how to predict what blogs influence others). Draw a weighted edge for all pairs of blogs that cite the same URL. Higher wieght for mentions closer together. Next thing they are going to study is how blog stories morph (or how a strong changes from site to site). Lada, was running through her preso very quickly so it was hard for me to blog everything.

Peter Kaminski, Socialtext CTO/Founder. Enterprising Social Software: Wikis and Weblogs. Can download his preso here. Wouldn’t be cool if work was more fun, faster, and helping people work together? Socialtext first company to try to sell social software to the enterprise. 10 fortune 500’s so far. They’re cash flow positive. Top use cases: how can 10 people work on the same doc? How can I communicate with the team? How can a team learn from its mistakes? Blogging info. allows people to find things when they need it. Avoid spam this way. CamelCase (short noun phrases make best structure, links are easy to make, links always work). Socialtext wiki’s are private by default (different than standard wiki’s, they don’t use CamelCase (make it easier to create content). Problem not using CamelCase is that the information structure can get messed up.

Zack Rosen, originally with the DeanSpace project. Now with CivilSpace. Empowering Democracy through Social Software. Media companies have lots of power. They control information dissemination in our country. trying to change this. Gets about 350K hits per day, $100K a year in revenue from ads, raised $600K for the democratic party. downed Dan Rather. downed Trent Lott. What do these people do? They galvanize people through their websites. In the Dean campaign, 500K people were organized in every state. The idea for posting meetup links came from Dean bloggers not their strategists. Where are we going? South Korea. They have 4x the US broadband penetration. 2/5 most trafficked websites on the net with 1/5 the population of U.S. OhmyNews is read by 15M people. What happened in the election? Republicans: command and control core > democrats no core, republicans tap strong existing networks > versus democrats tap into mostly new and disjointed networks (like MoveOn). What is the Blogosphere? It’s a network of ideas.