AC – We the media

We the media: The Rise of Grassroots, Open Source News. Dan Gillmor, jounalist, wethemedia (at) Website. Of course, another Mac user.

Ubiquitous networks gives new choices for readers/viewers/listeners. The notion that anyone can publish is powerful. “WeMedia” is the rise of personal publishing. The catalyst was 911. Everyone was going to the web to see what was new. Next catalyst. Trent Lott’s nostalgia for segregation during Strom Thurmonds birthday. The bloggers went nuts. They were angry at Lott and the media for not covering it. Eventually the media picked it up. Lott resigned. Bloggers helped bring him down. Third catalyst was the shuttle going down. Bloggers showed the debry field which was never shown via the media.

Journalism business for the last half century has been like a lecture. You buy what is sold. Now something changed. Journalism becomes a conversation. Readers collectively know more than any writer does. This is an opportunity. A story about Joe Nacchio, former DEO of Qwest. Gillmor posted something at a conference that this guy has a monopoly and is still complaining. A guy from the audience posted a comment that showed him selling tons of stock while Qwest stock was falling. Illustrates bottom-up journalism. Another example was bloggers unearthed RatherGate first.

Harder to keep secrets these days as more and more people have digital cameras. Example: Abu Ghraib scandal. Mentioned people take pictures with their camera phones and post the pictures on Flickr, far before the media can get there. Jakarta bombing as an example. Showed winner of MoveOn Bush in 30 seconds ad. Example of amateurs creating content on the web. The tools of media content creation are incredible these days.

Ways people are creating new journalism. WikiPedia is the most impressive experiment to date. Mentioned that someone is going to create WikiNews. Center for Cooperative Research generates a list of things leading up to 911.

Tomorrow’s news. RSS. Showed NetNewsWire screenshot which he uses. He’s cool too. 😉 His phone is a Treo, uses a RSS reader their too. Damn, he is cool. 😉 OhmyNews in South Korea is a news magazine, 80% is written by their readers. Back to Iraq. This guy said “send me money, and I’ll go and report on Iraq.” People did, and he went. Now he got hired by Time.

Dangers. Reform copyright (goal to stamp out innovation), patent, fair use. Have to guard against people demanding permission to write about them. Be politically active. Mentioned his book which can available under Creative Commons. Another interesting point, to get around bandwidth constraints, peer to peer is the only way to get content that people want to see without bankrupting amateur content creators.

He learns more from people that disagree with him than agree with him. One of the learnings from the blogging world. Interesting take. Another inter