AC – MyLifeBits: The Memex Vision and Implications

Gordon Bell, Microsoft BARC. This session was overflowing with people–lot’s of interest.

MyLifeBitsEverything goes into a database. Project is about metadata. Goal is for users to create metadata. What is indexed? All web pages visited, all mail, phone capture, all documents written, all TV watched captured, radio captured, IM content, all location data as a function of time (via GPS). A memex is a device to star all information. Vannevar Bush came up with it. Bell has been paperless throughout 2002. Why bother:

  • Technologist > because we can
  • Environmentalist > eliminates wast
    memory enhancement and search>
  • Business > it costs more to delete than it costs to store
  • Preservationist > decays or disappears unless its saved

Ways of retrieving an index: Time is one of the top ways for users to retrieve information, by map (if you have photos from the UK, mark the UK with an icon. The problem with MyLifeBits is non-automated classification. Adding metadata is a pain. The big question is is it valuable or not?


2 Comments on “AC – MyLifeBits: The Memex Vision and Implications”

  1. Laurel says:

    So now when Amaon gets sued for patent infringement…

  2. Greg Linden says:

    This is a cool project.
    But I’d be excited just to be able to search my web and e-mail history easily. With GDS and many other projects working toward that goal, looks like I won’t have to wait long.