AC – Innovation Throuth IT

Enabling Systemic Innovation. Cyntia Breazeal, Innovation Strategic Program Manager, Intel. Results of the Intel IT innovation organization. They have several innovation centers around the world. They created an innovation pipeline (idea capture & development), forecast models of ROI on innovation. Showed some pictures of the innovation centers. All cubes. Doesn’t look all that innovative. Using peer to peer networks, they’ve reduced costs considerably. E-learning system that learns how the student learns. Showed a video of an Indian family taking care of their grandmother. She wears a bracelt that communicates with sensors throughout her house. Allows her family to keep track of her. For example, if she leaves the house to go for a walk, daughter automatically gets a call on her cell.

Steven Jurvetson. Takes out his 17″ PowerBook :-). Founding investor in Hotmail. His blog. His talk: Discovering a Renaissance in Innovation. steve (at) How does his firm spot innovation?

Strategy, culture & tactics for finding innovation

  • Nontech will be the next great technology
  • Unique to DFJ, is they have offices globally which is different than other VCs that focus only in Silicon Valley. Examples Kazaa and Skype (faster growing company ever apparently).
  • The more exposure the better. Shear volume is how they believe they will be successful. They speak in conferences. They let people find them.
  • Rules internally. Only 1-2 partners can decide to invest in a company. If they have unanimous partner agreement, then there is probably something wrong with the company.
  • Dont’ spend time focusing on minimizing losses
  • 1999 was a successful year financially but boring. Not a lot of real innovation.
  • US will not retain it’s lead 20-30 years from now without a heavier focus in science and math education.

Christine Peterson. VP, Foresight Institue. Another Mac user! Leaping the Abyse. Nontech preso. What is it. Creating and using structures, devics and systems that have useful properties and functions because of their structure. $3.7B of funding right now. Showed a bunch of slides about molecular machine systems. Jeff Bezos is into Nanotech. If an innovative idea doesn’t sound like science fiction, then it probably isn’t really innovative. Interesting point. Jurvetson made a similar comment. If it sounds obviously fantastic, it probably isn’t.

Side note, so far, every session presenter has made multiple barbs at Microsoft. Ah, Silicon Valley!