AC – Distance Infrastructure

Milton Chen. VSee (3rd place at the Stanford Business Plan competition, founded in 2003). Video collaboration software. Can work over an ad-hoc peer to peer network. Allows you to go where you have no pre-existing infrastructure. VCSee can self heal. Very effective for emergency situations. Lately, they’ve been working with the Defense Dept. to setup in Afghanistan. Who cares about video conferencing? Lots of failures. Convinced it’s because there hasn’t been a real video conference system available yet.

Dr. Jeremy Bailenson. Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVE). Virtual Human Interaction Lab. CVEs is a system where people are in separate environments but all see each other in the same virtual space. Transformed social interaction.

Dewayne Hendricks, Dandin Group. Mac user. Gigabit or Bust initiative. Wired article Broadband Cowboy. 1903 first time wireless was deployed (Marconi). HPWREN worked on creating a wireless network in San Diego county. SFLan is a San Fran option. Muniwireless, all cities will eventually have free wireless. Meshnetworks will make wireless networks possible. Showed na open source product called meshcube. Goal is to give gigabit pipes to all homes by 2010. Cool. 🙂 Japan’s goal is to bring 10 gigabit pipes to all their citizens by 2010. The race is on.