Accelerating Change (AC)

This will be the start of a number of posts the follow along various sessions of interest at the Accelerating Change conference this weekend. This is the first conference I’ve been to in years. I’m trying to get plugged back into what’s going on in tech and figured I start by attending a few conferences. At one point, I was the hip man on campus back in grad school with the then emerging internet–totally knew what was happening across startups and the industry. Now I’m all corporate and boring. Must…get…some…hipness back,. 🙂

My first funny experience. Waiting for the iRobot talk, one of the conference folks was looking for someone with a laptop to borrow. Apparently, there was some compatibility issue with the presenter’s laptop. “Oh, sure I have one” quickly handing over my PowerBook. As the volunteer walks away with my machine, several other folks sitting around me say, “ah, do you know that guy?” “Oh shit!” Could have been foiled by a frat house clown looking a free laptop from an unsuspecting out of town tech dork. Luckily, he was real. Pfew!

So, far conference wi-fi network isn’t work. I’ll try again later.