AC – David Brin (Transparent Society)

Author David Brin. Trained as an astronomer and engineer. Then became a sci-fi writer.

Two ways of looking at the future an the past. Eternal human varieties. Allegory of “the cave” from Plato, your senses can fool you. Give up. Seek real truth from faith, reason. If you aren’t making falseafiable statements, you aren’t making science. All of the sudden, lots of Bush bashing from Brin starts and divisions in the audience start popping up. Interesting. Divided we stand 😉

Current technologies are wasteful. He’s on the SETI committee. Amazed the the committee refuses to believe that aliens are nothing more than altruistic.

Sheldon Brown is at prof at UCSD that does art exhibits. Him and Brin came up with the Extraterrestrial Exorarium. First the visit builds an ecosystem and eventually you create an alien race. You go online to feed it. The goal of it is as a teaching tool–to teach science quickly. I think they’re looking for somewhere to show the exhibit.

A wild and weird session!