iPod battery notes

My iPod battery drain is down by 20% since I bought it last year so I stopped by the local Genius Bar to see if my rapidly expiring warranty could help me out. Unfortunately no. Given the lithium ion battery degrades over time, nothing under a 50% drain will qualify for a replacement.

A couple more things I learned. If the battery dies down past 50% within the warranty period, they’ll basically just give a new one. If it’s outside the warranty period, they’ll give you a new one for $100 bucks. If you’re a heavy iPod user, it might pay off to get Apple Care for $59 bucks for an extra year. Might be a real easy way to get a new iPod. The only thing to note is that they’ll likely only give you another “comparable” model. So, kill a 20 gig, get another 20 gig. If you wanted a bigger capacity, you might be out of luck.